About Us

Welcome to Ember Divine Private Limited. Ember Divine Private Limited is registered under the Companies Act (1956).The registered office of the Company is situated in the state of Maharashtra within the Jurisdiction of Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Mumbai.


The main aim of EDPL is to cater to the high demanding market. It aims to provide its customers and dealers with a suite of capabilities that assures that no details is forgotten. Our main objective is to do business in such a way that serves our customers in a unique and effective way. We are looking forward for profitable growth, creating long time relationship with our share holders and our business partners. We don't only want our customer to come and buy our products, but we want them to experience its first hand and get awed by its performance. The idea is to make sure that we are not selling a product but providing an experience of unmatched quality and performance. We don't sell the products, the products speak for themselves, and thus gives us a opportunity to have success daily. The market is very dynamic and taking into consideration every detailed need of our customer we manufacture our products. We want to reach greater heights of success by each passing day. The Indian Market has grown and is growing, and now is the time for the Indian Market to get a feel of our products and experience the kind of impact it has on their works. We believe that our new entrant in the Indian Market will do extremely well due to the value it offers, in terms of performance, quality and reliability keeping in mind the competitive pricing. Our pricing is extremely well structured and targeted towards the Indian Users. And with the kind of service one stands to extract from these products in terms of quality and performance, We see a very bright future for our brands in the market. We want to cater customers needs by exploring their requirements. We believe in 3C'S - "Customers", "Competition" & "Change"; are the most critical, one cannot assume that good product, good service or good talent is sufficient for Success. We want to be in mind of our customer wherein we can Act towards Change and React Immediately to Competition. Customer Satisfaction is not just an ethic for us, but very much the bedrock of our Existence. With onstage, we make sure that our products reach far and wide without compromising with service and Customer Satisfaction. The company's proactiveness and focus towards customers would help us consolidate our growth and lay strong foundation for the future. We are looking forward for a long and rewarding relationship with our customers.

The challenge for us is not just to have a big name with Big Market, but to maintain the loyalty, trust and satisfaction of the Customer. Quality simply cannot be compromised. We are definitely in growth mode and our focus is on developing a competitive edge by attracting the best, practicing very high standards and preparing for an every challenging future.


We are looking forward to build an organization for the long term - to attract people and to establish strong and support network. We strive to achieve the highest level of "Customer Satisfaction". Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential elements of "Customer Retention","Customer Loyalty",and "Product Repurchase".